The Practical guide to Toilet Training the Autistic Child



Finally…a complete guide to potty training autistic children, from pre-training all the way to using the toilet in public settings!

Written for parents as well as professionals, this is the book that explains where all that confusing and frustration is coming from, and how to do successful potty training with fewer struggles and tears.

Readers learn how to spot true training readiness, get the right equipment for the job, and fully prepare themselves and the child they will be training.  The revolutionary concepts of Collaborative Diapering and Targeted Pre-Training allow autistic kids at every level of readiness make progress right away.  Both gradual and “boot camp” training strategies are explained in detail.

Unlike many other “special needs” potty training books, this book doesn’t avoid the tough stuff.  Fecal smearing and playing with feces, defiance and fears…they are all in here, addressed honestly and with compassion for all involved.  There is an entire chapter devoted to these “Bumps in the Road”.

Grab a copy today, and feel empowered to tackle toilet training immediately!


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