Are you a new parent with questions about…everything?  The parent of a child with special needs?  A teacher or a therapist looking for information and ideas for your classroom or the families you serve?  If you love helping children reach their potential, then you’ll feel right at home here!

Baby Bytes is my space to share the information and ideas I have acquired in my career as a pediatric occupational therapist, licensed massage therapist, infant massage instructor, and a nationally certified Happiest Baby on the Block educator in the NYC metro area.  I have been working for over 20 years in pediatrics, and I treated adults and adolescents in physical rehab settings before I made the move to pediatrics. I do direct treatment and consultations both in-person and virtually.

Kids are amazing!  I love my work with children and their families.

What Can You Expect From Baby Bytes?

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  1. Great post!. Love Handwriting Without Tears (am Level 1 instructor and an OT). Wish schools would teach correct letter formation BEFORE they want the kiddos to write so the incorrect motor pattern is not established.

    1. I do too! So many teachers do not know correct formation of any style, and parents take their cues from them. Until things really go off the rails. Thanks for reading!

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