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  1. Hello Cathy, I am not sure if I can you send you an email separately but I am slightly struggling with my 4yo and potty training – she has slight low muscle tone and is developmentally delayed – I am trying to buy your book on amazon but they only have the kindle version, I don’t have a kindle, is there somewhere I can buy a hard copy and ship to the UAE? many thanks

  2. Hi – your site is really hitting home for us. We have an extremely myopic (-25 diopters) 4.5 yo with heavy feeding issues, hypotonia, hypermobility, and sensory issues. We’re supposedly seeing the best OT in town but with poor results. Can you help with references?

    1. Finding the right clinician for your child isn’t easy. Think about the issue that is making daily life the hardest, and ask your clinician to address it right now. Many parents have found me by asking their special needs FB community for an “out of the box” therapist. Perhaps that strategy will work for you?

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