Make Life Easier: The Special Needs Toileting Handout Pack is Finally Here!

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After writing The Practical Guide to Toilet Training the Autistic Child  I got a lot of feedback on how great the book was.  And how long.  It seems that some professionals and a lot of parents are so crushed for time that they wanted a “Cliff Notes” version (showing my age, I guess…!)  So I decided to create a 15-page handout pack that anyone can buy and use to start toilet training any special needs child right away.

This pack covers everything from pre-training to using the public toilet.  All of the most important things to think about when you need to start training, or finish training, or fix training, are inside.

If you are a parent that doesn’t know where to start, the readiness sheets will make things clearer for you and your team.  You will learn about how to pick an approach and how to get started with the right equipment.  You will even learn how to teach wiping.  And read this post to understand why potty training an autistic child is about more than ADLs: The Most Effective Way to Reduce Your Autistic Child’s Chances of Being Sexually Abused .


If you are a professional, this pack just made your workday easier.  You can start the potty conversation, get more carryover, even use the handouts in IEP meetings and department in-services.  You will show your ADL expertise and have beautifully designed take-home items that make it clear that your sessions are the ones they need right now!  If you have to train an OT student, a new grad, or a provider transitioning into pediatrics, this packet will get them up to speed faster than spending hours of precious time in person or sending them home to read a ton of AJOT articles.

Going forward, if you buy more than one of my books OR handout packs, you get a significant discount on Your Therapy Source

By Cathy Collyer

I am a licensed occupational therapist, licensed massage therapist, and certified CBT-i sleep coach in private practice in the NYC area. I have over 25 years of professional experience in adult and pediatric treatment. It has been a joy to help people of all ages improve their ability to grow and thrive! Occupational therapists are focused on enhancing a client's functioning in everyday life. We are practical healthcare providers, interested in teaching, adapting actions and environments, and building a client's useful skills for living their best life, regardless of their challenges. I am the author of five books, including "Staying In The Room: Managing Medical And Dental Care When You Have DID" and "The Practical Guide To Toilet Training the Autistic Child". I lecture on many subjects, including sleep, trauma, and development. Contact me to learn more about how I can help you achieve YOUR goals!

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