How to Pick The Best Toilet Paper For Potty Training

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Before I wrote my first book, “The Practical Guide To Toilet Training Your Child With Low Muscle Tone”, I took out every book on potty training my regional library system would share with me.  While I did determine that the best book for neurotypical kids was “Oh Crap Potty Training”, I didn’t see a lot mentioned about the materials you use in the bathroom.

This is in stark contrast to my local TV feed.

Bathroom tissue manufacturer’s ads fill the airwaves during periods in which they know moms of young kids are likely to be tuning in.

Now, I know that the type of TP you pick isn’t nearly as important as your training approach (positive and patient but firm) or your ability to quickly focus on and read the details of your child’s motivators like a steamy novel.

But it does matter.

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The wrong toilet paper creates unnecessary hurdles to independence.  Thin paper isn’t likely to clean that tiny tushie very well.  Kids either use half a roll and clog up your plumbing, or their hands get yucky when their fingers go right through a bit of thin TP.  EWWW!

The right TP won’t be needed in huge amounts, has some gentle texture to give kids sensory feedback while doing a tiny bit better at cleaning, and isn’t scratchy on their skin.

Potty training isn’t fun.  It isn’t easy.  You should give yourself and your child every possible advantage.  This one is easy;  get the best TP for the job.

Which toilet papers have the right stuff?


Charmin UltraStrong and Cottonelle UltraComfort Care are both super strong, super soft, and should navigate your plumbing without disaster in normal amounts.

Try these yourself, then use a roll of the thin stuff, and see for yourself.

Looking for more information on how to make teaching kids to wipe easier?  Read How To Teach Your Child To Wipe “Back There”   and  Low Tone and Toilet Training: Teaching Toddlers to Wipe  .

Need information to make potty training your child with low muscle tone (hypotonia) or autism a success?

I wrote two books for you!


Find these helpful books on  Your Therapy Source , a great place for therapists as well as parents to get the best books, and as paperbacks on Amazon  .


By Cathy Collyer

I am a licensed occupational therapist, licensed massage therapist, and certified CBT-i sleep coach in private practice in the NYC area. I have over 25 years of professional experience in adult and pediatric treatment. It has been a joy to help people of all ages improve their ability to grow and thrive! Occupational therapists are focused on enhancing a client's functioning in everyday life. We are practical healthcare providers, interested in teaching, adapting actions and environments, and building a client's useful skills for living their best life, regardless of their challenges. I am the author of five books, including "Staying In The Room: Managing Medical And Dental Care When You Have DID" and "The Practical Guide To Toilet Training the Autistic Child". I lecture on many subjects, including sleep, trauma, and development. Contact me to learn more about how I can help you achieve YOUR goals!

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