Summer Swaddling to Keep Your Baby Cool and Safe

Warm weather has arrived, and with it the question of what to do with a baby that sleeps best swaddled. The answer: dress for the season!

Babies that are too warm when swaddled have hot ears and sweaty necks. Did you know that overheating is one of the risk factors for SIDS (Sudden infant Death Syndrome)? If your baby is too toasty this summer, you may need to change your routine and go shopping.

Try using a thin muslin wrap and just a diaper, and keep a fan or air conditioner going. If that still isn’t enough, then you have to consider no wrap at all. A loose wrap, especially a loose wrap that partially covers the face, is not a safe choice. Use all the other strategies that help babies sleep, including white noise and pacifiers. After you make changes, don’t forget to re-check your baby’s ears and neck to make sure that your strategies worked.

Pleasant (and cooler) dreams tonight!

By Cathy Collyer

I am a licensed occupational therapist, licensed massage therapist, and certified CBT-i sleep coach in private practice in the NYC area. I have over 25 years of professional experience in adult and pediatric treatment. It has been a joy to help people of all ages improve their ability to grow and thrive! Occupational therapists are focused on enhancing a client's functioning in everyday life. We are practical healthcare providers, interested in teaching, adapting actions and environments, and building a client's useful skills for living their best life, regardless of their challenges. I am the author of five books, including "Staying In The Room: Managing Medical And Dental Care When You Have DID" and "The Practical Guide To Toilet Training the Autistic Child". I lecture on many subjects, including sleep, trauma, and development. Contact me to learn more about how I can help you achieve YOUR goals!

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